Have the courage to find the magic

Have the courage to find the magic

100 things to always remember and one thing to never forget
words to live by and wishes to share by Douglas Pagell

“Have the courage to find the magic in 
this day.  Go out of your way to appreciate
the deserving things here before you:  people 
Who matter, places that will inevitably change,
and circumstances that get rearranged all 
too easily.

Do more than stop and smell the roses.  Search
them out.  Plant new seeds in the places you 
Pass by.  If someone has made a difference in 
Your life, let them know.  And remember that
there’s more to appreciate in the moment 
Than we realize.  Believe me:

Years from now, the truth of this will shine.
And one of your sincere regrets will be not
knowing how good you had it… at the time"

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