If Trouble had a Baby

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Have you ever wondered why David picked up five smooth stones to fell Goliath?After years of protecting his sheep from bears and wolves, he was an expert marksman with a sling.   It makes perfect sense to have more than one stone, right?  Would a soldier go to war with just one bullet in the chamber?  But here's another thing to consider:  Goliath had four brothers, all giants like himself.  Perhaps the five stones David selected where to kill not only Goliath but also his ornery, oversized brothers.  As things turned out, David only had to dispatch Goliath that fateful day, but Goliath's brothers would come for David later on in life.

Problems can come up on us that way as well.  You think you're done dealing with one giant problem in faith, and years later a group of oversized problems show up snarling in your face.   By the time Goliath's brothers came for David, he was older and and grew faint battling them However David's mighty warriors all valiant soldiers, came to his rescue and took the giants down.

we all need help battling the giants in life.   God was with David when he slew Goliath, and he was with David and his soldiers when they face the remaining threats to his life, one by one.   God does not send us out to battle giants alone,  He is always with us when we face our Giants and also provides prayer warriors to fight alongside us when we grow weak or faint

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