Creative Memories Sunburst Recipe Template

Create a range of innovative, original layouts using Sunburst Recipe Templates! These mylar scrapbook stencils boast a variety of shapes you can trace and cut your papers and photos to the pattern of your choosing. This single 12x12 stencil can create an abundance of professional-looking layouts that you’ll love!
Product Features
  • Includes one 12x12 mylar stencil
  • Create numerous layouts with this one stencil
  • Reusable
  • Made in China
  • Use warm soapy water to clean if your template gets dirty
This is  a great tool.  I was just at a Crop and Connect in Portland Or and they had this available to purchase.  At the present time its out of stock at Creative Memories.  But when it returns, you really need to purchase this, its so much fun.  I’ve got a lot of Sunset pictures that I want to scrap and I think this is    going to be perfect.  Creative Memories has another template called Sweetheart Recipe template and I’ve ordered that, that’s going to be awesome to do family pics.  I’m putting the button to click so that you can shop for Creative Memories on this website.  You can either shop here or use my link and shop at creative memories.  If you purchase from this website, I will place your order to Creative Memories as soon as I receive it.  Thanks and enjoy this Recipe Template by Creative Memories
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