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Pixar Play Zone now open at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Disney Files Magazine Summer 2018 Volume 27 Number 2
Walt Disney World Resort:  Whether They’re learning the ropes of the wild West or what it takes to become a Space Ranger, racing for the Piston Cup or busting out their most “Incredible” dance moves kids are embarking on adventures with some of their favorite playmates in the new Pixar Play Zone, now open at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.
Designed exclusively for young guests ages 4-12, Pixar Play Zone transports kids to the worlds of Toy Story, The Incredibles, Cars and more in a lively, supervised setting.
Toy Story-inspired fun awaits in Bonnie’s Play Room, home to a wide range of toys, as well as n the Living Room, where a Space Ranger trains young recruits to become Jr. Space Ranges of Star Command, and where Woody and Jessie lead the song-filled “Woody’s Roundup.”
At the nearby Radiator Springs Racetrack, kids build their won cars before sending them down a soapbox derby=-style track in pursuit of the Piston Cup.
And during the Incredible Dance party, Bob and Helen Parr (better know as the heads of the Incredibles household) join a party host to teach kids a few moves on the dance floor.
So much fun!!!  Let me help you plan this Magical Vacation, email me or request a quote, can't wait to hear from you.
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