Disney World Magical Tip: Fly in the morning

The quickest way for out-of-state visitors to reach Orlando is usually by airplane.  But what if you’re a passenger who spends the whole ride gripping the armrests, dreading fearful flyers' number one trigger, turbulence? if the mantra “turbulence  isn't dangerous" doesn't soothe your jangled nerves, your seat and time of day might.   While a smooth flight is always likely, booking a morning departure may help.   Florida's afternoon thunderstorms make midday flying in summertime more prone to turbulence before landing and after takeoff, and air currents are less riled early in the day.   Book the second morning flight rather than the first, so that any turbulent areas are known to the pilots.  They can often route round them.   Seats over the wings experience less movement, too.  

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