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Disney PhotoPass  Service is constantly exploring new ways to capture your picture-perfect vacation memories at   Walt Disney World® Resort. The team has recently introduced several new offerings, Disney is thrilled to share a few of their favorites.

You can capture Cinderella Castle like never before with a limited-time photo and video experience from   Disney PhotoPass  Service! During daylight hours, You can find a photographer in the East Plaza Garden at   Magic Kingdom Park who will assist them with capturing two one-of-a-kind photos and a super-zoom video from a unique angle above the theme park.


The photos and video from this limited-time opportunity are included as part of a   Memory Maker  or   Memory Maker  One Day entitlement, so all you have to do is smile and share! If you don’t have one of these entitlements, they can purchase the individual photo downloads for $16.95 each, but the video can only be downloaded and shared by those with   Memory Maker  or   Memory Maker  One Day.

If you are a fan of this bird’s-eye perspective, you’ll love these three newest Animated Magic Shots. These videos give you a fun way of remembering and sharing moments when you meet Disney Friends.  

Everyone who takes Animated Magic Shots can preview them in your Disney account, but only those with   Memory Makeror   Memory Maker  One Day can download and share them.

Disney knows how much you enjoy capturing the adventures, thrills and classic stories of your Disney vacation while onboard your favorite attractions. When it was time to launch Disney PhotoPass Service’s 13 th  attraction photo opportunity at   Walt Disney World  Resort, there was no better fit than the Haunted Mansion! To preview your attraction photo, you should be sure to wear a   MagicBand  or   MagicBand  2 icon in a MagicKeeper that’s linked to their Disney account while riding in your Doom Buggy.


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