Hidden Mickeys at Epcot

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Print off this list, take it with you to EPCOT, check the circle when you spot each one.  These are some of the most popular "Hidden MIckeys" at Epcot.

  • Mission space
    • when your ship lands on Mars you may spy a Mickey on a rooftop to the right of the landing strip, (it's made of satellite dishes)
    • after you exit the ride and enter the gift shop, look up in the center of the room to find a side profile of Mickey painted on the ceiling.
  • Mexico
    • Toward the end of the Grand Fiesta Tour boat right, you'll see a barge on your left.   On that barge is a Hidden Mickey made of strategically arrange bongo drums
    • Living with the land
      • As you walk through the queue, try to find three bubbles on the large mural that come together to form a Hidden Mickey (hint t's near the middle of the mural)
      • About halfway through the ride, you may notice a water hose coiled into the shape of Mickey Mouse's noggin.
      • The American Adventure Pavilion
        • look for a painting of early American settlers crossing a river with covered wagons.   One of the wagon-pulling oxen has a Mickey near its left front leg.
        • Another painting features,  workers constructing a building.  Check out the tops of the beams behind the construction team.   They form a classic Hidden Mickey!  (The painting is on the first floor,  on the right, and toward the back of the rotunda.)
        • France
          • Check out the meticulously pruned bushes on the canal side of the France Pavilion--one of them is shaped like a classic Mickey.
          • Be sure eyeball the grates surrounding the trees near the entrance to Les Chefs de France.   There are serval Hidden Mickey's in the intricate grillwork.
          • While in France, pay close close attention to the wedding party scene in the Impressions de France movie -- there is a Hidden Mickey on the second floor window!
          • Canada
            • It's easy to find the totem poles in this pavilion -- but it's a bit more challenging to find hidden Mickey on the left on.
            • The Seas with Nemo and friends
              • In Bruce's Shark World, look for two large posters -- one titled "Did you know?"  the other title "Bruce's Shark World" (they are on opposite sides of the room).  Each has an oyster in the lower right hand corner of that contains Mickey-shaped pearls
              • If you pay attention at the shark tank, you'll be awarded with a Hidden Mickey sighting or two.   The mouse's head appears on the bottom of the tank shaped by strategically placed rocks.
              • Journey into Imagination with Figment
                • About halfway through the ride and as you move through Figment's house, look up in the bathroom, Figment's commode forms a hidden Mickey with two red circles on the ground next to it.
                • Spaceship Earth
                  • In the Renaissance scene,  look quickly to your left to find the first painter standing in front of the table (his back is to you).  On the top left of the table, three white paint circles form a  Hidden Mickey.
                  • Later in the ride, keep your eyes open for a hidden Walt Disney Imagineering on the microphone of the radio broadcaster (on your left).
                  • Germany
                    • Look up to spot three amor-wearing festooning a facade to the right of the clock in St. Georgeplatz.  The suit closest to the  glockenspiel sports a Hidden Mickey.
                    • Japan
                      • Finding the koi pond here is easy -- but can you find the Hidden Mickey in the pond? And no, it's not a Mickey fish

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