Hidden Mickeys at WDW Animal Kingdom


Here are some of the most popular “Hidden Mickey’s at Animal Kingdom.  How many can you find?

  • Tree of Life:  A hidden Mickey made of moss is  on the front of the Tree of Life just to the right of the tiger and to the left of the buffalo. Although you Maybe able to spot it from several places, the best place is right when you enter Discovery Island and before the path splits to Africa and Dinoland.

  • Kilmanjaro Safaris:Pay close attention to the flamingo pond on your left just after you enter elephant country.  The center island is shaped like a Hidden Mickey (sit toward the left side of the ride vehicle for the best view.)
  • Maharajah Jungle Trek:  There are more than 10 Hidden Mickeys trhoughout this jungle trek, but we suggest hunting for these two to start:  Inside the first archway near the tiger exhibit, pay attention to the mural on the left and look for three leaves that form a Hidden Mickey underneath the second arch and look at the mural on the right to find a Hidden Mickey in the clouds.
  • Gorilla Falls Expooration Trail:  Okay, while not a Hidden Mickey, the Hidden Jara found in this trail is well worth searching for.  Just past the gorilla viewing area, you’ll reach a suspension bridge.  Look directly to your right and you’ll see a huge 3-D head of Jahar carved out of the rock that’s covered in moss.
  • Rafiki’s Planet Watch:  Conservation Station is    a Hidden Mickey paradise with more than 20 Mickey’s in the entrance mural alone.  Two favorites:  Just inside the building on the right, find a possum with a Hidden Mickey in its eye.  Then look above it to finda butterfly with two Hidden Mickeys (one on each wing).  For good measure, here’s a third:  find a  frog just to the right of an alligator on the left wall, then find Mickey’s smiling face under the frog’s right eye.
  • Expedition Everest:  To find this Hidden Mickey, you’ll need a FastPass+ for Expedition Everest.  As you travel through the fastpasss queue, pay close attention to the Yeti Museum room.  In the second display of exhibition artifacts and supplies, look for a latern on a shelf— three dents in the metal form a sideways Hidden Mickey.
  • Its Tough to Be a Bug:  This is one of the more challenging Hidden Mickeys to locate but Castmembers are happy to help you spot it.  After you enter the underground room with all the silly musical posters (but before entering the main theater), find the other entrance to the far side of the room.  Now look at the far left wall.  This well concealed but cool Hidden Mickey is hiding in the shadows. 
  • Dinoland U.S.A.:  Find the two large dinosaurs holding up a "Chester & Hester’s DinoRama” sign near the TriceraTop Spin Ride.  Stand directly underneath the sign and close to the blue dinosaur.  Look at the dino’s wrist— there’s a Hidden Mickey on it!  Then head to the dig site area of the Boneyard playground.  Can you spot where the two hard hats and a fan combine to form a Hidden Mickey?
  • Dinosaur:  Before you travel back in time, your ride vehicle passes a laboratory scene on the left (the vehicle actually stops for a second to give you the opportunity to look). Search carefully to find a blue Hidden Mickey drawn on the lower left corner of a whiteboard.
  • Cretaceous Trail:  At the end of this short Dinoland trail sits a proud dino.  Could it be, he’s proud of the Hidden Mickey on his back?
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