Disney Files Magazine    Summer 2018 — Volume 27 — Number 

Walt Disney World Resort:  Growing up can be a bit of a bummer, evidenced by the millions of moviegoers who fought back ( or shamelessly shed) tears during that gut-wrenching Sarah McLachlan song in Toy Story 2.  No more space travels from your bedroom.  No more taming the Wild West with pull-string playmates.  And no more lunches from hinged boxes emblazoned with officially licensed movie characters. However, we now have Disney Parks, where age is just a number and growing up isn’t necessary.

Building on that enduring legacy of perpetual play is Toy Story Land, which opened this past summer (June 30, 2018) at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Shrinking to the size of toys in Andy’s backyard, you will twist and turn through Slinky Dog Dash, whirl and twirl aboard Alien Swirling Saucers, toss and shoot through Toy Story Mania!, and eat and drink at Woody’s Lunch Box.

While approaching Alien Swirling Saucers, where you’ll climb into a toy rocket, hang on as the little green guys lead the way and, if you’re lucky be “chosen” by the claw, you tell someone…………..

While approaching Slinky Dog Dash, a coaster for the while family that stretches throughout the land, twisting Slinky Dlog’s coils around curves, hills and drops, you’ll tell a friend, relative or perfect stranger…………

While approaching the established hit Toy Story Mania! Attraction through its new entrance in Toy Story Land, you enlighten someone with…………….


While enjoying a meal at Woody’s Lunch Box, where the Toy Story Gang is dishing out tasty treats for honorary toys, you feed someone’s craving for knowledge with ………

Have Fun and enjoy a magical and  non-adulting day at Toy Story Land

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