Alphabet Clear Stamps --Garage Sale--

Pink tiful of LOVE

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Lot  of Alphabet Clear Stamps.  

Use with acrylic block (not included in this listing).  

These are used and some are like new!  There is only a slight color change, which is normal for acrylic stamps. 

  • Sheet 1- 2/3  letters of each but missing 1 a; 1 e; 1 r; 1 s; 1 6; 1 0
  • Sheet 2 missing A
  • Sheet 3 missing i, n
  • Sheet 4 never been used, plastic has been cut to fit envelope storage
  • Sheet 5 missing I, S, T
  • Sheet 6 never been used, still in original packaging
  • Sheet 7 like new, all letters are there