Creative Memories Snapshot Recipe Template Bundle

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Creative Memories Snapshot Recipe Template Bundle

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Frame each moment with finesse with the Snapshot Recipe Template Bundle! This scrapbook template kit features a mylar stencil with a camera design with shutter shapes around the lens, as well as along the outer edge, to help you design layouts that put the focus on your best and brightest moments. It allows you to trace and cut papers and photos that fit inside the stencil, making it easy to create an unlimited number of professional-looking layouts. This bundle also includes one Photo Labeling Pencil and four Multi-Purpose Clips to help make your layout creation as seamless as possible. Pick out the photos and paper you want to use, secure them to the stencil with the Multi-Purpose Clips and trace the design onto your photos with the Photo Labeling Pencil and onto the papers with a pencil. All that’s left is to cut and adhere your paper and photos to fit the pattern, and just like that, you have a layout that works for tons of different themes!

  • Snapshot Recipe Template Bundle includes:
  • One 12x12 mylar stencil with a camera design with shutter shapes around the lens as well as along the outer edge
  • 1 Photo Labeling Pencil that is safe for use on photos, as it is soft lead (doesn’t leave a mark and can be easily wiped off)
  • 4 Multi-Purpose Clips that secure the template to the photo or page while you trace the stencil
  • Create numerous layouts with this one stencil
  • Reusable stencil
  • Care: Use warm soapy water to clean if your template gets dirty

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