Metallic Sparkle Druzy Stud Earrings

Pink tiful of LOVE

SKU: WBC-171

Pink tiful of LOVE
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Metallic Sparkle Druzy earrings

One of a kind, fashion jewelry, everyday jewelry.

  • 12mm wood cabochon tray 
  • faux druzy purple and blue studsP
  • Lead & Nickel Compliant
  • Wood Bee Creations

Add a touch of sparkle to your style with these stunning Metallic Sparkle Druzy Studs. Featuring a 12mm wood cabochon tray filled with a mesmerizing faux druzy stone in a dazzling purple and blue. Refresh your look with the perfect hint of glitz and glamour! Some wood pieces are lighter than shown. Wood grain can vary from piece to piece. The stud hardware is secured with uv resin which is visible from the back. This part is against the ear and not seen while in use. Uv resin is more durable than glue so less risk of breakage.

Jewelry care Instructions on how to best care for these earrings: Avoid the 5 S's

  • Shower-remove prior to avoid chemicals in water
  • Sleep-remove before to prevent breakage
  • Sweat-try to avoid massive sweating while wearing these earrings.  Don't wear to Gym.
  • Spray-avoid perfumes, hairsprays and lotions before wearing your jewelry
  • Swim-take off jewelry before swimming