Hi, I'm Zippy--a new way to knit called loom Knitting

headbands, necklaces, and bracelets in just 15-20 minutes using super bulky yarn, ruffle yarn or various fashion yarn. You can connect your zippy to another zippy to create even wider knits.

Work with 2 strands of yarn at the same time to create lots of texture and totally unique designs.

 How to on making a bracelet with the zippy.  You'll need yarn and tool and of course Zippy

What you need:  Loom 1 zippy (3 pegs used);  Yarn 1 skein, tapestry needles, decorative button (optional)


​Cast on 3 stitches 

The bracelet consists of 16 rows.  Each row will be knit the same.  You are working from L to R and then the next row is worked from R to L.

Slip stitch and work knit stitch on 2 remaining pegs.  Do this to all 16 rows.

To remove bracelet from the loom: take loop from peg 1 and place it on peg 2. Remove loop from peg 3 and place it on peg 2.  Pegs 1 and 2 are empty and peg 2 has three loops on it.  Knit peg 2 (treat the three loops on the peg as 1 loop and Lift them all over top).  You have just 1 loop on the 2nd peg.  

Cut yarn, leave a 8" tail.  Gently take last loop of the peg, pull through tail, tightening the last stitch.  Do not pull on the fabric.

Sew cast on edge to bind off edge using the mattress stitch or do not sew and follow the option below.

OPTION:  if you would like to add a button and loop, use the 8 inch tail for the year loop.

For YARN Loop:  thread the yarn tail through the needle to form a small loop and secure the yarn tail end to the wrong side of the bracelet.

Weave ends in

Sew on a decorative button to the opposite side of bracelet

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