Privacy Policy

This site collects information on you in two ways:

1.  The information that you manually provide me by filling out my contact form, signing up for our email list, making a purchase.  This information can be tied directly to you because of the information you've provided.

2.  The information that's automatically collected via my third-party partners:  Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Square, Paypal.  The types of information collected here include things like your location, what pages you visit.  Generally, our third-party parents only give me this information in the aggregate (e.g. it's not identifiable to you) but sometimes this information can be directly tied to you.

I do my best to protect your sensitive personal information. I protect it by partnering with Square to process and store your credit card information.

I collect this information so that I can better serve you by creating content and products that you love.  The information collected is    only shared with my trusted third-party parents when necessary to serve you.

If you would like to know what information we have that's directly attributable to you,  email me