How to LOOM KNIT a Long Ruffled Scarf

I've been using the Loom to knit scarves and hats for a while and one day I was browsing the how to magazines and I was so excited when when I saw one on loom knitting ruffled scarves.  I love those and the colors are so pretty.  so here's the tutorial for you.  The book is Kathy Norris titled Loom Knit Hats and Scarves. or this scarf (finished size approximately 3 1/2" wide x 68" long.  you'll need

 Red Heart Sashay Yarn or mesh super bulky weight (novelty mesh yarn that is used for ruffle projects)
  loom (straight) at least 26 pegs
  Knitting loom tool
That is all you'll need and this is such an easy scarf to make and it looks like you knitted or crochet it. 
Here's the instructions:
Begin by using the outside end of the skein of yarn.  As you work, stretch the yarn out so can see all of the mesh, I unroll the skein and reroll it stretched out.
To work the yarn, skip the first 6 holes and place the next hole/loop on a peg, then place every other loop on a peg until 6 pegs have a loop.
   Row 1 fold the yarn behind the pegs with loops and place next loop on the same peg as last loop placed, then place very other loop on a peg until 6 pegs have 2 loops; lift each bottom loop over the top loop and off the peg.
      Row 2 and next rows Using the tool, pull the loop off the peg and put on the corresponding peg on the opposite side of loom.  Turn the loom so the pegs with the loops are facing you.  Do the same as row 1, repeat until there are at least 18 holes left on your working yarn. 
      to finish scarf work simple bind off:  Place a loop on peg 1 and 2 (they should have 2 loops), Lift bottom loop over the top loop and off the peg, left peg 2 and place it on the first peg, leaving peg 2 empty, On peg 1 lift the bottom loop and off the peg.  Move the loop from the first page back to the second peg.  Peg 1 is now empty, to bind off all stitches, Place loop on peg 3 and repeat until 1 loop remaining, then cut the yarn and pull the end through the final loop.  
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