How to Make a Dog Collar out of Paracord

How to Make a Dog Collar out of Paracord

I found this tutorial for making a dog collar.  I love making bracelets and key chains from paracord, its so relaxing.  
What is  paracord ? There are so many fun paracord projects out there. Right now, my favorite is this DIY paracord dog collar i found.  It’s the ultimate dog collar made with about 40ft of 550 paracord.

This paracord dog collar is your best bet if you are looking for a stylish collar that is also super strong and durable.
This tutorial below is done for a large dog, so the collar ends up being a whopping 20″! If your pup is smaller, you can follow this simple rule to calculate the amount of paracord you’ll need: 1.5 feet of paracord for every 1 inch of your paracord dog collar.
Beyond its awesome looks and customizability, a paracord dog collar is waterproof and resistant to rot. Plus, if your dog outgrows it’s collar, you can recycle the cord and turn it into a survival bracelet! Here’s the link to this tutorial:

Can’t wait to get started.  Post pics if you make one.  Thanks for reading


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