How to make a storybook birdhouse

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  I'm hoping Spring is right around the corner even though we got snow yesterday and its suppose to snow again today.  This is  how I felt today as i was walking to get the mail.  ​Because its Springtime even thought Mother Nature is clueless, i've got a how to do a story book Bird House.
 Stuff you'll need
  • Unfinished wood birdhouse
  • Hardcover, worn out childen's story book
  •  Staple Gun and Staples
  • Scissors
  • all sponge brush
  • Mod Podge
1. First, choose a children's book that is large enough to fold over the rest of the birdhouse.

2.  Remove all the pages from inside the book, and set aside; staple gun the book jacket directly onto the roof, one staple on the left and right side of the roof should hold it.

3.  Trim the pages of the book to fit along the sides of the bird house; generously use mod lodge to adhere the paper the birdhouse and then over additional glue on top, it will dry clear and create protective coating.

4. Overlap pages on top of pages until the entire house is covered.  Let it dry completely.

5.  To make it waterproof for outside use, you can add a layer of varnish onto the finished birdhouse.
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