Let's play dress up and go traveling

Somehow our house ended up with all sizes of bottles: wine bottles, milk bottles, sparkling cider bottles.  I love decorating the bottles such as painting them, putting beads on them, i even have modge podge frabic on them.  I have a whole category of wine bottles in my store.  On my search for another craft to do on Pinterest i ran across whole new avenue of decorating wine bottles, dress them up in ribbons, materials, beads and make them look like girls.  There were amazing and beautiful dressed up wine bottles, i have a whole board dedicated to winebottles.  Of course I had to try it, my girls I dressed up about 6 or 7 girls, they reside in my kitchen on a shelf.   I was dusting them today and remembered I just downloaded a new photo editor that would cut out pic and place it in front a background.  Yes, I took a pic of the group (my girls) and they went visiting to various place, see below the slide show, hope that you enjoy this.  I call this presentation "MY Girls just wanta have fun"
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