LOOM KNIT How to knit Fingerless Gloves aka top down Wrist Warmers



This pattern was Gretchen Kalhust first pattern she created.   I loved it and modified it for a better fit for my hands.  I've made these as Christmas Gifts, so easy to do.  Don't let the thumb hole scare, its quite easy and fun to do.  You can browse Gretchen's website for more loom knitting patterns at http://gretchkalsloomknitting.wordpress.com    


1 skein of worsted weight yarn                   
small round loom
looming tool
crochet hook
Tapestry needle

1. Cast on all pegs using the double e-wrap cast on method (desrribed below).
2. Rows 1-15 knit stitch (not e-wrap) all pegs in the round.
3. Rows 16-24 knits pegs 1-24.  At peg 24, reverse direction and knit back to Pe .  This will create the thumb hole.  To create a larger thumb opening, repeat this step until desired opening size is created.
4.  Rows 25-45 knit all pegs in the round (for a longer wrist warmer, repeat step 4 until desired length is created.)
5.  Bind off using the crochet bind off method (described below).
6.  Weave in yarn tails using a tapestry needle.

Double E-wrap cast on
1. create a slip knot with working yarn and place on the first peg.  E-wrap the peg twice.  The peg will now have 2 loops.
2.  Knit the bottom loop over the top loop and pull the working yarn to lighten the stitch.
3.  Repeat on each peg until all pegs have been cast on.

Crochet bind off
1.  With a crochet hook pic up the loop on Peg 1 (the peg closest to the working yarn.
2.  Place the loop on Peg 2 onto the crochet hook.
3.  Wrap the working yarn, form back to front, over the top of the crochet hook.
4.  Pull the working yarn through both loops on the hook.  One loop will remain on the hook.
5.  Place the loop from the next peg onto the crochet hook and repeat step 3.
6.  Repeat steps 2-5 until you reach the last loop.  Cut the working yarn leaving an 8 inch tail through the last loop on the crochet hook and weave in the end.


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