The Feathery Macrame Tutorial

Number one rule of Instagram? Don’t draw attention to your competitors ❌

 But you HAVE to see this 👇


However, this Youtube video is the one thing you need to watch to learn how to do these super cute Feather earrings with Macramae yearn and macramae knots. 

 Trust me, I already checked it out! Here’s what I gained from the content:

 👉 Tip 1: I was able to follow along making the knots by her super easy way to lay the yarn over each other and pull the knots. 

👉 Tip 2: use 3mm yarn not 2 or 4

👉 Tip 3: I  purchased macrame comb and worked like a champ to seperate the strands.  

Thanks Rachel Collton for the brilliant content! Keep it coming 😎

 Why not check this fantastic video out for yourself?

 Let me know your thoughts in the comments👇

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