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Feb 18 2020 Shine Bright Every day and God in Every Moment

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Just between Friends

Just between Friends

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Just between friends

This all started with buying a magazine

This all started with buying a magazine

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....  ok it wasn't another galaxy more like the Stafford, VA; I was in a store and came across one of those craft magazines.  I wasn't into doing anything creative but I was a little bored and wanted a hobby.  I didn't like picking out cards at the store so I thought I'd make my own.  It wasn't an easy thing to do for me, and I didn't have any craft supplies.  I read this magazine and studied the pictures and created a couple cards and headed to Michaels to get card supplies.  Over the Years, my stash has grown, I have 4 shelves of stamps, hole punches, decorative scissors and much more.  I haven't bought a store bought card since that day I bought that magazine. I've also went on to scrapbook, knit hats and scarves, do plastic canvas, make jewelry, paint but i still take a break from all that to make a card and still look through Pinterest for my inspiration.  How about you?  Post pics of cards you made in the comment section.  


A Celebration day for me.  I've had a shop on ESTY for 2 years with just ruffled scarves and no bites or nibbles.  A lot of crafters have ruffled scarves to sell.  Well, when i made the decision to have an online craft store, i decided also to put more merchandise on ESTY and have a Facebook page for my business showcasing all my inventory.  I also started looking into marketing my shop and my Facebook page.  I've also started marketing for this website.  There is    a lot that goes into this adventure of mine. But I'm so overjoyed that my ESTY shop is    getting looks and someone bought something from me.  i'm still going to add inventory to my ESTY shop.  I'll probably do another campaign, hopefully I'll get more looks and maybe buyers.   All this looks, clicks, views, followers --new to me and i've been reading and watching videos and trying to understand the world of pins and likes.  Its a lot to take in and my email has blown up, which I love but I want to read it all and sign up for everything and there is    just not enough time in the day or night.  What's that saying "Calgon take me away".  Anyway this post is    about first sale not about being inundated with info.  

Go Cub Go! Hey Chicago What you say, Cubs are going to Win Today

The Year was 2016 and it finally happened, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series.  RIP, Curse of the Billy Goat, in a game 7 for the ages, the Cubs overcame the resilient Indians to win their first title since 1908 and wash away the last vestiges of the longest title drought in American Sports.  I watched every game that year along with my sister in law and brother in law.  I've been a Chicago Cubs' fan my whole life, being from Illinois and my dad listening to the games on the radio.  So for Father's day that year, I bought tickets for him, my two brothers and nephew to go see the Cubs play the Cardinals, they lost that game but I was so glad that i got tickets for Pops to see them play at Wrigley Field.

I got to go to a
game too, We stopped in Denver from our DisneyLand vacation and saw the Cubs play the Rockies, they lost that game too but I got to see the CUBS play after a 2 hour rain delay.  You should of been there I believe there more CUBs fans in Denver than Rockie Fans, it was fun oh and did i mention my brother lives in Cheyenne so we met him and his crew (wife and 4 kids) there.   

  But in the end, it all came down to Game 7 on Nov 2 10 innings. After trailing the Indians 3 games to 1 in the 2016 World Series, the Cubs mounted an EPIC comeback (which made grown men cry) to take the series in a dramatic 7th game that ended in a 8-7 score after 10 innings of play; with the WIN the Cubs claimed their 1st World Series title since 1908!!!  I've watched the series over again at least twice, it doesn't get old and I still get excited and scared at that last inning.  What an amazing moment in sports history.