How to Make: Father's Day and Grandfather's Day Cards from The Best of Card Creations

Names for Dad CARD

1. Make card from cardstock.
2. Create textboxes in software. Type sentiment. print twice on cardstock.
3. Trim printed cardstock into rectangle, adhere.  Adhere patterned paper strips.
4.  Trim remaining printed cardstock into circle; adhere white foam tape.
5.  Adhere airplane

Sailboat Grandpa CARD

1. Make card from cardstock.

2. Trim strip of patterned paper.  Ink edge and adhere.  Stamp Sentiments.
3. Trim cardstock, tear edge, and stamp pattern randomly; adhere.
4.  Tie ribbon around card.  
5.  Emboss vellum . Trim into cloud shape; adhere.
6.  Stamp boat on vellum and sails on patterned paper.  Trim around and adhere.  Adhere rhinestone.  Tie twine through button; adhere.

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