Leaf & Buttone Bracelet, Silver 8 links

Pink tiful of LOVE

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Leaf & Button Bracelet

Check out this seriously stylish Leaf & Button Wood bracelet - the perfect accessory for any nature lover! With natural wood accents and an earthy finish, this bracelet oozes autumnal vibes! Feel inspired (and chic) with this fall fashion must-haves!  The leave are foam and the brown bottom layer is  wood and in shape of Maple leaf and have a little MDF button in the middle. 

Perfect gift for your favorite Teacher, Student, Birthday, Anniversary gift, or for that someone special in your life.  Crafted with care, this  bracelet features 8 maple leaves , measuring 7.5" in length with 8 links of 16mm pads that the leavesare glued on.            

  • silver, 8 links
  • leaf on each pad
    • orange
    • green
    • yellow

  • wood & foam

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